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Sign of Design Numbers of EP-VRSF Velocity Reducers

Descriptions of EP-VRSF Precision Planetary Reducer

EP-VRSF series precision planetary equipment reducer is a kind of input flange in-line gearbox with a compact construction employing large-high quality die-casting aluminum alloy. Adopting the planetary transmission design theory, 1 sun gear and 3 planetary gears, small dimensions, and big carrying capacity. EP-VRSF collection precision planetary reducer has large positioning accuracy, which is similar to the Japanese manufacturer Xinbao. EP-VRSF reducer is devoted to all manufacturers of servo motors and stepper motors, with excellent adaptability.

Attributes of VRSF Precision Planetary Reducer

High rigidity and large toughness
The gears of the EP-VRSF precision planetary gearbox are produced of alloy steel nitrided challenging tooth area (HRC 60), which has exceptional put on resistance and effect resistance.

High precision positioning
As a reducer, the EP-VRSF planetary gearbox can give full engage in to the electrical power that decides the specific situation, and the backlash is as minimal as .05°, which can give entire engage in to the electrical power.

Lower noise and clean procedure
Helical equipment style can withstand higher torque and instantaneous shock than regular spur gears. Helical gears aid reduce vibration and sound.

mild load
Thanks to the style of the helical gear, sleek rotation without pulsation is achieved, making the VRSF reducer with light-weight load capability and appropriate for injection molding robots.


The EP-VRSF precision planetary speed reducer is broadly used in printing machinery, packaging equipment, foods equipment, pharmaceutical equipment and other industries, CNC machine resources, equipment resource transformation, packaging machinery, and military business, these kinds of as the injection robot.

How to put in EP-VRSF Planetary Gearbox

1. Wipe the rust inhibitor and oil on the motor shaft.

two. Get rid of the rubber cap, rotating the shaft, and the head of the bolt is matched with the rubber protect hole. Check out if it is free

three. Gently insert the motor into the shaft (unobstructed and easy insertion). Pay out shut focus to the truth that the motor cannot be inserted obliquely.

four. Install the motor on the reducer and tighten the bolts with the specified torque.

five. Use a torque wrench or the like to tighten the positioning bolts into the power shaft with the specified torque.

6. Push the rubber cap. The previously mentioned is completed.

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Specification Desk of EP-VRSF Planetary Equipment Reducer